Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Afonso Madope

Afonso Madope is the SPEED+ Policy Portfolio Manager for Biodiversity.

Madope joined SPEED+ on July 2017. He has large experience and knowledge on conservation areas and biodiversity management in Mozambique.  He contributed for development of various policies, strategies and legal instruments related to conservation areas and biodiversity management.  Prior to joint SPEED+ worked for Mozambique Government in the Ministry of Agriculture (as Deputy National Director for Forestry and Wildlife), in the Ministry of Tourism (as National Director for Conservation Areas and as Coordinator of Trans frontier Conservation Areas and Tourism Development Project - TFCATDP, World Bank funded project) and in the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (as Coordinator of Conservation Areas for Biodiversity and Development Project - MozBio, World Bank funded project as well).

He initiated in 1994, the first Community Based Natural Resources Management Project, Tchuma-Tchatu, funded by Ford Foundation.

Also, served as Provincial Director for Agriculture and Fisheries, in Inhambane province (1997– 2000)

Madope is married, has two children a boy (25) and girl (17)

He believes that:

“If you wish to change the human kind behavior, on how to deal with nature, be focused on youth.”