Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Charmila Alibhai

Charmila Alibhai is Administrative Assistant for the Portfolio Managers 

Charmila Alibhai is supporting the team with administrative tasks that also include organizing events such as workshops, seminars, consultant travels and trainings.She studied veterinary medicine in Brazil where she graduated in 2009, and has postgraduate degree in HR by the Saint Thomas University of Mozambique.

She has more than 5 years’ experience in sales but also a lot experience in poultry industry as she worked for a leading integrate poultry producer group named Astral foods.

At Meadow (Astral group company), Charmila was working as technical sales manager, and then as a sales manager giving technical assistance for poultry growers,

providing appropriate advice on bird housing, husbandry, health management and training them to improve all aspects of raising poultry.

Charmila also worked at Vale in training and development area where she developed her passion for training.

Currently, Charmila Alibhai is part of SPEED+ team and she is very excited to embrace new challenges.