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Claudette Lavallée

Claudette Lavallée is Water Portefolio manager

Claudette Lavallée SPEED+’ embedded water project adviser for DNAAS and has more than twenty years of experience in development programs in the field of water and sanitation and has actively influenced reforms in rural and urban water supply.

Claudette was trained as a lawyer and practiced for nearly 10 years.  She then started her international career as an electoral expert in Cambodia, South Africa and during Mozambique’s first multiparty election.  Since 1995 she has worked in Mozambique contributing to the development of the country. She worked for UNDP backstopping major development sectors, which give her an extensive knowledge of both the development sector and the country.  She then worked for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to create development programs in the Health, Education and Water sectors. Having contributed to reform of the rural water sector she then worked on a task force for the Rural Water Department through a World Bank project and managed a CIDA-financed pilot project which became the model for all new rural water projects in Mozambique.

In 2008, Claudette Lavallée created a consultant company which she managed since. Through her company she contributed to different projects including the anti-corruption strategy, and the WashCost project which aimed to evaluate the full cost cycle of rural water provision. In 2011 SUWASA a USAID project hired her to develop reforms in urban and peri-urban areas, and to develop the legal framework for the legalization and licensing of Private Water Providers in Mozambique. This succeeded with the approval of the legal decree in October 2015.

Claudette Lavallée holds a Master of Laws and an MBA from De Montfort University. She is single widow, and lives in Maputo and has two daughters at university.