Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Heitor Comé

Heitor Comé is  the Finance Manager of SPEED+


He joined DAI Inc. in 2012 and until August 2016 he held the position of the project accountant for the SPEED project.

He isa certified accountant and has a bachelor's degree in management with more than 10 years of experience. Having occupied throughout his career several positions from junior accounting assistant to the head of accounting, project accountant and administration and finance associate. He contributed to several international organizations such as Save the Children US (subsequently integrated with Save the Children Mozambique - SCiMoz), Chemonics International Inc. - in the GHSC / PSM Mozambique project and in an international education institution (Lycée Gustave-Eiffel - École Française internacionale of Maputo) where he earned his greatest experience in accounting and international financial management, among which he participated in the process of moving to a unified presence in Mozambique, he was payroll accounting, national accountant, supervisor of an accounting team, provincial financial coordinator and as an accounting system administrator.

I believe

"I believe that each of us has its role and should make its contribution with its know-how and knowledge for the effective growth of Mozambique and well-being of society in its area of ​​action giving support to each other leaving a good legacy for the upcoming generations”.