Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Hercilia Hamela

Hercilia Hamela is the SPEED+ Policy Portfolio Coordinator for Agriculture.

Hercilia has more than 15 years of experience working in rural development programs mainly in agriculture, food security nutrition and forestry sectors, working with government, private sector, donors and NGOs in Mozambique. Before joining SPEED+, Hercilia worked with the Canadian Cooperation Office as Agriculture Advisor for five years, providing strategic information and technical advice related to Canada’s support to the agriculture sector in Mozambique


As Agriculture Program Officer at the World Vision International, for five years, she has coordinated the designing, implementation and monitoring of agriculture and food security projects. With the Ministry of Agriculture, Hercilia served as the planning officer at the National Directorate of Forestry and Wildlife and later as the head of Department of Investment, Analysis and Information with the Center for Promotion of Investment.


Hercilia has extensive experience in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of agricultural projects. This experience includes field work and the writing of progress, financial and narrative reports. She has a degree in Forestry Engineer and a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Economics from School of Agricultural Economics and Natural Resource, University of Queensland, Australia.

Hercilia is married and have two sons.