Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Honorata Chipepo

Honorata Chipepo is the Trade Portfolio Coordinator for SPEED+ Project

She is a development professional with more than 11 years working in government, Mozambique’s Foreign Service and the private sector, with significant experience in advocacy for the private sector, private-public dialogue and investor relations.

Her experience spans management and leadership, employee development and events coordination, including policy analysis and private sector investment support. Honorata Chipepo has developed extensive connections with government representatives on matters related to the economic development in Mozambique, crated linkages with private sector entities including Confederation of Trade Associations (CTA),and worked with representatives at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and other donor organizations.

She is experienced in economic analysis of data and have delivered reports on economic, health and policy matters within Mozambique as well as related to other countries. Projects managed include a portfolio of trade policy, agriculture development and policy, gender integration, community development, environmental and social impacts assessments, and resettlement engagement.

Honorata Chipepo holds Master of Arts in Economics – Graduate Program in Economic Development from VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY, Tennessee, USA