Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Jaime Palalane

Jaime Palalane is the SPEED+ Policy Portfolio Coordinator for Water.

Prior to joining SPEED+, Jaime worked as lecturer and researcher at Eduardo Mondlane University, Faculty of Engineering, and as independent water consultant with assignments (studies and project evaluations) from different developing agencies working in Mozambique. He has also collaborated with the Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor initiative for 2 years, contributing to improve access to water and sanitation to deprived populations from Maputo’s peri-urban neighborhoods. His professional experience extends also to consultancy in engineering projects.

Jaime is an enthusiastic water professional with 12 years of experience in the sector, member of the International Water Association (IWA), and founding member of AQUASHARE, the Mozambican Water Professionals Association. He has an extensive knowledge of Urban Waters, Hydrology, Coastal Hydraulics. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from Eduardo Mondlane University, a Master in Water Resources and a Ph.D. in Water Resources Engineering, with focus on Coastal Processes and Evolution, from Lund University.

Jaime is married, has one son and 13 godchildren.

I believe:

“Water is the soul of the Earth.”