Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Rosario Marapusse

Rosario Marapusse is Portfolio Manager for Trade and Investment

Rosário Marapusse is the lead policy advisor at the USAID/SPEED project and has more than eight years of progressively experience in development programs in the field of trade facilitation and private sector development.

As Economic Policy Analyst & Business Development Coordinator he has coordinated for more than three years SPEED project activities aiming at ensuring the development and implementation of key policy reforms, increasing economic activity through formal businesses, improving policy advocacy. He also worked with World Bank Group as Private Sector Development Officer where he supervised, guided and/or supported a broad range of project preparation activities including analytic work on a range of financial and private sector development issues. He served as Private Sector and Rural Development (PS & RD) specialist at the Italian Cooperation in Maputo for four years focusing on reforming the legal and regulatory environment toward improving the country’s business environment. He spent two years chairing joint (government, donor and civil society) working groups on Trade and Private Sector Development issues. He has attended and facilitated many trainings workshops and conferences on trade and private sector development issues.

He has six years of experience as a lecturer in graduate and post-graduate levels in the fields of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Political Economy, Trade, Project Management and Financial Mathematics.

Rosário Marapusse holds a Master of Science in Development Economics and BSc Honors Degree in Business Administration at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo. He published many articles most of them available at the SPEED webpage. He is fluent in Portuguese, and speaks English. He also has basic knowledge in Italian and French. He is Mozambican, lives in Maputo and has two children.

I Believe!

“I believe that business is the surest way to eradicate poverty in Mozambique in medium and long term. Indeed, it is the absence of a vibrant business activity that condemns much of Mozambicans to suffering.”

“Eu acredito que o caminho ideal para erradicar a pobreza em Moçambique a médio e longo prazos passa pelo desenvolvendo da actividade empresarial. Na verdade, é a ausência desta que condena bastante os moçambicanos ao sofrimento.”