Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Rui Brito

Rui Brito is the Agricultural Portfolio Manager for SPPED+

Rui Brito has more than thirty years’ of work experience in the fields of water in agriculture, as a university professor, researcher and consultant at Eduardo Mondlane University, combining academic with hands-on experience in promoting sustainable development both in Mozambique and in Africa in general. 

He has extensive experience of formulation of policies and programs for development, graduate and post-graduate education, identification, design, implementation and evaluation of research programs, and community based development programs.

Rui is one of the founding member of the consultancy group of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry of Eduardo Mondlane University, he also initiated in 1995 the first graduate course in Rural Engineering at the Faculty and, as the Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forest Engineering initiated the first post-graduate course at the University Eduardo Mondlane.

Rui has worked as a consultant for various national and international institutions and organizations, participated directly in the design and implementation of programs and policies in higher education, research, water resources development, integrated water resources development, adaptation to climate change, disaster risk management, soil and water conservation, design of irrigation and drainage schemes, water harvesting techniques, and environmental impact assessments. He has been a senior adviser for GIZ in the fields of climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.

I believe:

“I believe that challenges unite people if there is a clear and noble vision and mission, a robust and independent methodology to measure and quantify impacts and changes, an open mind and a good working environment to incubate innovation and enough courage and energy to make it happen.”