Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Sérgio Chitará

Sérgio Chitará  - Chief of Party

Sérgio Chitará is the Chief of Party for SPEED+ 

Sérgio Chitará is a distinguished Mozambican policy reform leader with more than 25 years of experience spanning agriculture, forestry, business enabling environment, power, water.

Leveraging policy papers, advocacy campaigns, research, media outreach, and policy forums, he has used a variety of tools and mechanisms to create dialogue and guide legal and regulatory reforms.

Mr. Chitará served as Execute director of forestry company IFLOMA and later as the National Director  for forestry and wildlife at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER),  National Director of Agriculture Economics also at MADER.

Mr Chitara was instrumental in passing Mozambique’s first laws addressing land rights, forestry preservation, and wildlife protection.

With the donor community support (USAID, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, Danida, and the United Nations Development Programmed), he successfully led large and complex programs with budgets of up to $45 million, designing projects of up to $200 million and managing international and Mozambican teams with staff of up to 2,000 to implement some of the country’s first sector program PROAGRI.

During his six-years as Executive Director of the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA), Mr. Chitará championed many key market-oriented reforms, including the Southern Africa Development Community Trade Protocol. There he also initiated the Annual Private Sector Conference to provide a stakeholder forum for discussing challenges facing private sector development efforts.  

 In recent years, Mr. Chitara held a leadership position at Vale, an international mining and energy related company. 

Fluent in Portuguese, Changani  and English, Mr. Chitara is an experienced team leader who has built teams of Mozambican and international experts to develop speed+ project financed by USAID.