Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Sheila Amaro

Prior to joining the SPEED+ team, Sheila Amaro worked as researcher on Soybean and Cowpea crops, a Legume Program implemented by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA).

Sheila joined SPEED Project in 2011 and she is the Procurement Officer. She is responsible for ensuring that the service providers are in accordance with DAI and USAID policies as well as partners’ needs. Sheila is responsible for complying with applicable contract requirements and following all DAI policies and procedures.

Sheila holds degree in agriculture engineering from Eduardo Mondlane University. She is currently enrolled as Master student in Agriculture Economy at Eduardo Mondlane University. Sheila is Mozambican citizen and speaks Portuguese and English; she lives in Maputo with her husband and one child.

I Believe!

“I believe that ensuring efficiency (for instance, in procurement) will have a positive chain reaction that leads to savings in time, and better results throughout the business.”

“Eu acredito que ao garantir um processo de aquisição eficiente terá uma reacção positiva em cadeia que levará a uma redução de tempo e produção de melhores resultados para a empresa.”