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Vera Julien

Vera Julien is the SPEED+ Policy Portfolio Coordinator for Biodiversity.

Prior to joining SPEED+, Vera worked for 4 years, as a university lecturer and researcher at the Biological Sciences Department at Eduardo Mondlane University, where she developed and participated in several scientific research activities. She has also worked as a trainee at the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER), in the Coastal Management Department where she gained experience in evaluation of environmental impact studies.

Vera has extensive knowledge of conservation and governance issues, animal ecology, inter – cultural communication, data collection and analysis. She has a degree in Biological Sciences, focusing on Ecology and Natural Resource Management and a Master’s degree in Aquatic Biology and Coastal Ecosystems from Eduardo Mondlane University.

Vera is married and has two beautiful daughters.

I believe:

“You cannot live in a better world if you don’t treat your world better.”