Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Annual Cashew Meeting

SPEED+ supported the National Cashew Institute (INCAJU) to host the Annual Cashew Meeting in Maxixe from 27 to 29 June. The meeting was chaired by INCAJU National Director Ilidio Bande during which the agenda for the Cashew Value Chain was discussed and agreed upon for the upcoming year. The meeting was attended by over 75 participants including Inhanbane Governor Daniel Chapo, Cashew processors, cashew producers, cooperate partners and other key intervenient in the sector.

SPEED+ COP Sérgio Chitará and Agriculture Portfolio Manager Rui Brito presented at the meeting one of the key theme, revision of the cashew law (law 13/99) and streamlined proposal which consisted of gradually phasing out exports tax of raw cashew nuts, starting with an immediate reduction from 18% to 12% in the next four years, its reduction to 6% four years after, and its full elimination afterwards, and allow raw cashew nut exports during the October to January period when global prices are highest. SPEED+ has secured the buy-in from some of the participants and will now proceed to revision of the cashew law which will lead to increment in smallholder cashew producer’s income by over 20% and the overall competitiveness in Mozambique.