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Electricity Law Revision Underway

SPEED+ is assisting the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) to respond to an important need to revise the Electricity Law and its regulations.  Lack of access to reliable power is a key binding constraint to broad-based growth in Mozambique. While the Government of Mozambique has undertaken important initiatives to encourage the development of projects to increase capacity and broaden access to power, the sector is still governed by Law 21/97, of 1 October (Electricity Law) and its regulations, which define the legal framework for the organization and the authorization of activities including generation, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity within Mozambique, as well as electricity imports and exports.

Since the Law’s adoption in 1997, the electricity sector has evolved in significant ways. There is a need to revise the Law and its regulations, taking into consideration the Government's overall strategy for the energy sector and its commitment to universal electricity access by 2030, as well as changes in technology and financing requirements. During a public-private sector consultation organized by SPEED+ and presided by Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Augusto Fernando in September 2017, key issues to be revised in the electricity law were identified with reference to international best practices, regional experience and the recommendations from the World Bank 2011 energy sector report.

SPEED+ is assisting the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) to draft revisions of the Electricity Law and its general regulations. SPEED+ is providing expert international and Mozambican legal and technical assistance, engaging multiple public-sector stakeholders, and supporting a series of public consultations.  During a multi-day technical meeting bringing together representatives of the MIREME Legal Department and SPEED+ consultants, a consolidated version of the revised Electricity Law was prepared which will be submitted for review and comment by all relevant stakeholders.  The technical assistance team will now work towards drafting the accompanying regulations