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Government of Mozambique Promotes Focus on Energy Efficiency

Deputy National Director of Energy, Marcelina Mataveia during the opening remarks

Mozambique’s public electricity grid reaches only 1.7 million clients, about 27% of the total population of 28.8 million inhabitants. In the rural areas, this number is less than 7%. Expanding access to energy will require enormous investments in the production and transportation of electricity.  Programs that increase the energy efficiency of current power consumption can make more power available for more customers and reduce the need to finance new power generation.  

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy’s Department of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and the Eduardo Mondlane University Faculty of Engineering, together with other members of the Energy Efficiency Working Group, organized an Energy Efficiency Workshop with the support of SPEED+ on April 5.  The workshop aimed to identify policies and actions that could significantly promote energy efficiency in Mozambique. The government of Mozambique also emphasized the need to focus on renewable energy in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of universal access to electricity by 2030