Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Analysis of the Electricity Crisis and its Impact on the Business Environment

Much of SPEEDs work in the context of the business environment and Mozambique’s competitiveness reveals that the perpetuating electricity quantity and quality deficit could emerge as the biggest single constraint to economic development. The private sector including leading industries have openly complained that most of their development and expansion plans have stalled due to the lack of reliable power.

In light of this SPEED in partnership with CTA and ACIS commissioned a study as to determine the economic impact of the current power supply and quality deficit, in light of the surge in electricity demand driven by the extractives and associated industries; and increased urban growth.  This assignment leverages work published by EDM, as to clearly access the current state of affairs, raise awareness and stimulate debate  around how Mozambique can best leverage its natural resource base to play a determinant role in ensuring adequate energy supply at cost effective rates.

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