Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Annual Work Plan September 2017 – August 2018


The Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development (SPEED+) activity is a fouryear (August 26, 2016 to August 25, 2020), $37.2 million project funded by United States Agency for International Development’s Mission in Mozambique (USAID/Mozambique). SPEED+ is designed to create a business enabling environment to attract investment, expand markets, and reduce costs, thus contributing to broad-based and inclusive economic growth and conservation of natural resources in Mozambique. SPEED+ will provide technical assistance and capacity-building to improve public-private policy dialogue, improve the policy environment for agriculture, trade, power, water, and biodiversity governance, and strengthen implementation of government policies and regulations. SPEED+ will support economic and structural policy reforms across 4 components: (1) agriculture, (2) trade, business enabling environment, (3) power, water, and (4) biodiversity conservation. It will also promote the areas of improved fiscal transparency, tax policy and economic and environmental governance. It will support multiple global initiatives including the Feed the Future Presidential Initiative, the Trade Africa Presidential Initiative, the USAID Biodiversity Policy, the President’s Strategy to Combat Wildlife Trafficking, and Power Africa.


The Year 2 Work Plan is designed around a set of activities that follow-on from the Year One Work Plan or that have been identified during the prior year, yet is also flexible to enable new initiatives to be incorporated as necessary. Activities presented in the Work Plan will depend on securing and maintaining political commitment from key counterparts and activities may need to be adjusted to account for political changes. At the same time, the Work Plan is designed to also provide rapid response for “hot topics” of the day. Mozambique’s policy landscape can be fastmoving and complex, with stakeholders having limited opportunities, time and capacity to respond. SPEED+ will maintain the capacity to respond rapidly, with the best available experts offering quality advice, inputs and commentary on issues of the day.

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