Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Communication Strategy for Policy Change (C4PC)

Effective communication can be critical to trigger action to implement policy reforms. Experience has shown that policy reform acceptance, adoption and implementation requires support and buy- in by key stakeholders, and in many cases it has been the missing link to effective economic policy reforms. In many cases strategic communication has been the missing link to support  adoption and implementation of policy economic reforms.

Mozambique has been undertaking several reforms to improve business environment and various strategies and institutional structures are in place working on the reform agenda. However, information, adoption and implementation of reforms have been slow and few real improvements have been realized so far.

USAID/SPEED believes that communication will contribute to policy reform adoption and implementation in Mozambique, and a more strategic approach will improve understanding among key decision makers of the need for reforms, clarify paths to reform (solutions and processes), and increase “pressure” from various stakeholders and decision makers to advance the reform process.  In this context, a Communication Strategy for Policy Change (C4PC) is being proposed to engage stakeholders to become aware of likely impacts and trade offs to arise from emerging Resource Boom and to understand, adopt and implement different policy reforms required to improve Business Environment and Agriculture.

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