Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development


Conservation is an important component of both agriculture and tourism and is essential for competitiveness. Preservation of the environment is crucial if we are to pass on our resource endowment to generations to come. SPEED is working with BIOFUND and MICOA’s CITES department to analyse and develop legislation and information which will support conservation and sustainable natural resource management.

BIOFUND will soon introduce biodiversity offsets for Mozambique which will enable companies in the extractives sector and elsewhere to offset any environmental damage against investment in Mozambique’s protected areas.

Working with MICOA SPEED will help to ensure that Mozambique remains CITES compliant and can continue to develop its safari industry which provides essential jobs and income for rural communities.

The draft CITES legislation is now available for discussion and comment, download the draft below in Portuguese or English and watch our Facebook page for information about upcoming seminars to debate the document.

To facilitate the implementation of Mozambique’s new Conservation Law, SPEED, Biofund and SAL & Caldeira have prepared an analysis of the law, an English translation and a manual to guide stakeholders on the implementation of the law. Each of these documents can be downloaded below.

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