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Ease of trading across borders in Mozambique

The Government of Mozambique approved on February 2010 the creation of a new Port Terminal in Nacala which was later concessioned to a private company (NCL & Africa Import and Export Ltd) to operate it. The purpose is to unblock the Maritime international terminal which is completely overloaded. The two terminals were operating simultaneously providing the same services to exporters and imports until January 18, 2012, when the customs authority announced a mandatory use of the new terminal by the exporters. Against this background, ACIANA (Commercial and Industrial Association of Nampula), representing the business community in the north of the country, in general, and exporters, in particular, has begun a dialogue with the Provincial Government of Nampula with the aim of discussing the following issues: the mandatory use of TEEN, the absence of the minimum working conditions required to an export port terminal, the cost and length of using it.

To assess the contours of this concern, SPEED visited the terminal, met with key stakeholders (Tax Authority, terminal operator, exporters, private sector association based in Nampula) and drafted a note.

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