Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Improving Mozambique's Doing Business Rankings

Over the last decade, Mozambique has made some improvements to the business environment resulting from legislative and administrative changes that streamlined business-related legislation and processes. Nevertheless, the overall pace and depth of reform are still slow. Mozambique’s business environment remains restrictive for private sector enterprises. In the SADC region, the country remains as one of the four worst ranked countries.

To revert this situation, the Government of Mozambique (GoM) has adopted the Business Enabling Environment Strategy as a guiding strategy toward improving the overall enabling environment for private sector growth.  The GoM defined the ambitious target of becoming the best ranked country in SADC by 2015, above Mauritius which is currently the top SADC country (20th position out of 183 countries).

To assist GoM with the formidable task of moving up significantly in the DB rankings, SPEED has been conducting an accurate analysis on the DB indicators and has been providing policy reform recommendations with strong potential to improve its business environment and move up in the DB rankings.

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