Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Local Content Review

Mozambique's impending resource boom has projected the topic of Local Content to centre stage. Both the Government of Mozambique and the private sector are focused on establishing an environment that is conducive to the development and participation of Mozambican businesses and Mozambican citizens in the context of potentially substantial levels of FDI driven by the oil & gas and mining industries. At the end of 2014, the Ministry of Planning and Development (now Ministry of Economy and Finance) announced it was in the process of drafting a Local Content law in order to create an adequate legal and regulatory framework in preparation for the resource boom.

In order to support the development of a legal framework that is efficient, competitive and that meets the objectives of the Government in terms of industrial policy, local supply chain development, technology transfer and employment, CTA and SPEED developed a study to analyze the current status of Mozambican legislation in terms of Local Content-related provisions. Over a dozen pieces of legislation containing Local Content provisions were identified and analyzed. The consultants also provided a set of recommendations and suggested Next Steps" to assist both the Government in the drafting process and the private sector in its role as an active party of the Public Private Dialogue.

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