Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Mapping Levels of Decision-making for Business Environment Reforms

In recent years, Mozambique has made significant strides towards improving the business environment and attracting investment. However, in many critical areas linked to business; namely import / export procedures, requirements for opening and closing business’s, paying taxes and getting construction permits to name a few - Mozambique consistently under-performed relative to competitors.

One of the problems identified by the business community is the lack of clarity about the decision-making powers of the central, provincial, municipal and district authorities in administrative processes related to economic activities. In many sectors, there is no clear and consistent source of information about procedures officially required or commonly practiced for an entrepreneur to start up and formally operate an industrial or commercial business.

In light of this, SPEED commissioned a study to identify the decision-making levels of each procedure commonly followed by businesses to establish and operate formally in a particular area of economic activity.

The report is divided in two groups: one which maps the decision making levels and the other which does the analysis of the process in each of the administrative areas.

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