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Mozambique's Competitiveness within SADC

As part of celebrations of 19th anniversary of the establishment of SADC, USAID / SPEED organized a seminar on the Challenges of Competitiveness of Mozambique in SADC," a seminar organized by CEMO. The seminar and paper below looked at three international indices that analyze competitiveness (Global Competitiveness Index, Doing Business, Economic Freedom Index). The indexes showed Mozambique's weak competitiveness within the region and worldwide. The country is below the regional average in all indexes. Increased productivity was identified as the key factor to increase the competitiveness of Mozambique. To this end, the SPEED team identified other key challenges for improving Mozambique's competitiveness within SADC, including the need for improvement: (i) the business environment through faster adoption, implementation and monitoring of reforms, (ii) the quality of infrastructure through the prioritization of public investment in infrastructure; (iii) the quality of public service delivery, including increasing the qualification of the basic skills of the workforce through greater investment in vocational technical education, (iv) and macroeconomic policy management.