Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Open Skies -- Air Travel Liberalization in Mozambique

There is strong evidence around the world that air travel liberalization has important benefits for the tourism sector and the entire economy of a country. Evidence supports that liberalization of air services between countries generates significant additional opportunities for economic growth and job creation.

Numerous studies have suggested that large traffic and growth expansion would result from a reduction in the barriers to entry into the Mozambican air transport market. Mozambique has taken important steps towards a liberalized skies policy, but additional efforts are needed to implement these policies and promote more competition and the participation of the private sector.

This report is an assessment of the economic impact of further liberalization of the civil aviation sector in Mozambique. It aims at informing those in favor of promoting an efficient and competitive air travel market in Mozambique, analyzing in details likely impacts on tourism and the wider economy in Mozambique.

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