Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Review of the Seed Market

Through the policy reforms committed to under the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, the Government of Mozambique has pledged to “cease the free distribution on free and unimproved Seeds” as to allow for a more private sector driven market.  In 2014, SPEED, INOVAGRO and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly host the National Seeds Conference, A key output of which was the establishment of the National Seeds Mutli Stakeholder Platform. This group has now developed the below action plan as to implement policies that seek to liberalize the seed market.

Similarly,Two SPEED commissioned studies undertaken in 2014 - reviewed the regulatory framework as to the extent to how it allows State to (1) Continue the distribution of FREE Seeds to farmers (2) the purchase Seeds from Private Sector  (3) outlines the role of state as a market regulator and (4) accesses the state of the Seed Market. These studies where conducted utilizing data from MINAG’s (Ministry of Agriculture) national agricultural surveys (TIA /Censo Agro-pecuário) through interviews with key informants, as well as through secondary data gathered on the quantity of seeds purchased by MINAG and distributed to smallholder farmers.

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