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Urban Transport

Urban Transport

The Trade and Investment Project assisted CTA and FEMATRO (the transport assocaition) on urban transport issues in Mozambique.


For CTA, TIP completed a study on Urban Transport Policy in the Greater Maputo Area. The objective of this consultancy is to help the private sector and the government of Mozambique to examine the issues related to the development of an urban transportation policy, with special emphasis on the greater Maputo area with suggestions for the other urban centers in the country.

The specific objectives of this study are to:

  • Review and assess current operation of public transportation in the Greater Maputo Area, and assess future needs
  • Provide a brief summary of the current Mozambican policy framework vis-à-vis urban transport policy
  • Draw from international best practices, suitable applications to the Mozambican context
  • Provide recommendations for next steps (i.e. studies needed, legal changes needed, etc).

In February 2008, protests broke out due to increases in prices of chapas. The increases in prices were due mainly increases in fuel prices. Since February, the Government and FEMATRO have been looking at strategies for reducing the cost of public transport. This activity provided recommendations to FEMATRO to assist with their dialogue with government to develop short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations to transport policy issues in Maputo.

Specifically, the follow-on study was undertaken to with the following objectives:

  • Examine issues related to transportation policy, with particular emphasis on the requirements of Greater Maputo.
  • Identify appropriate policy options for the provision of the best and lowest cost urban passenger transport service.
  • Assist with the development of a transport policy proposal to Government that provides short, medium and long-term sustainable recommendations with regard to public transport in Maputo.

In August 2008, FEMATRO requested TIP assistance to (a) review the Government's urban transport policy proposal and (b) assist FEMATRO develop a proposal to operate selected public transport services in Maputo on a concession basis.

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