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Streamlining Application Forms for Starting a Business in Mozambique

The position indicator of Mozambique in starting a business has been suffering a decline year after year. According to the Doing Business ranking 2013 (DB13), opening a business in Mozambique requires 9 procedures, takes 13 days and costs 19.7% of income per capita. Mozambique is in  the 96th position in the ranking out of 185 economies on the ease of starting a business and launch activities. In order to improve the country’s position in the DB ranking and to improve the business environment in Mozambique, SPEED commisioned work to  Sal & Caldeira, to assess processes and procedures on how to to streamline business registration.  Sal & Caldeira’s report explains how to  streamline starting business in Mozambique and proposes to  reduce the number of days to start a business from nine to three!