Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Support to MIREME: On grid inception report


The Electricity Component of the SPEED+ Project funded by USAID includes the following subcomponents:

  1. Legislation, regulations and negotiation support for on-grid Independent Power Producers (IPPs),;
  2. Legislation and regulatory environment for off-grid IPPs;
  3. Support to the independent regulator;
  4. Strengthening EDM.

For this purpose, SPEED+ hired a team of consultants to initiate the work under subcomponent 1 – Legislation, regulations and negotiation support for on-grid IPPs, encompassing the following activities:

  1. Implementation of REFIT;
  2. Negotiation and legal support to IPPs – pilot project;
  3. Support to the update of legislation currently applicable to on-grid IPPs.

Following several meetings with the Legal Office (LO) of MIREME on the assistance to be provided by SPEED+ to LO, and following a request sent by MIREME LO to SPEED+ concerning the Draft Work Plan to support the Legal Area, a team – coordinated by Manuel Ruas, the Portfolio Manager – was hired. The team included the following consultants:

  • David Waltenberg
  • Taciana Peão Lopes

The purpose of this report is to present a summary of the work carried out during the visit of consultant David Waltenberg to Maputo, which took place from August 1-11, 2017. The report comprises the following sections:

  • Scope of work
  • Meetings held and contacts made during the mission
  • Documents prepared during the mission
  • Outcomes
  • Next steps