Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

1.1. Develop methodology for private sector matrix used in CMAN

CTA and the Government of Mozambique approved in 2015 a new model for technical-level Public-Private Dialogue, the Business Environment Monitoring Councils (CMAN).  The CMAN are led by the Prime Minister with the participation of CTA and MIC.  In preparation for the CMAN, MIC and CTA collaboratively identify, agree upon, and monitor implementation of key priorities for reform.  The key priorities are summarized in the Private Sector Matrix which is used as the basis for the CMAN.

To date, there has been no clear methodology or criteria for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing issues to be included in the Private Sector Matrix.  The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC) and the Government have been frustrated when presented with lengthy lists of issues without clear criteria for selection or prioritization.  The methodology CTA recently used was to collect priorities from all the CTA sectoral working groups and include them all in the Private Sector Matrix, with equal weight.  This led to a confusing mixture of very high level and very low level desired reforms with no prioritization.  As a result, the most recent CMAN was postponed when CTA and MIC were not able to agree on the business environment improvement agenda to be proposed through the Private Sector Matrix.  SEED+ will provide technical assistance to CTA to develop a standardized methodology for reviewing and updating the Matrix, including criteria and prioritization that can be clearly explained to government.  This will include integration CTAs provincial offices (CEPs) to find out how they are currently involved in the priority setting, and to include the provincial level in the proposed methodology.  The consultant will assist CTA to use this methodology to update the Private Sector Matrix in preparation for the next CMAN.  SPEED+ and CTA will co-fund the next CMAN meeting.