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The Economics of cashew In Mozambique

Within the context of component (1) agriculture, SPEED+ developed this economic study to provide the economic arguments for a fundamental shift in cashew policy to benefit small holder farmers, increase cashew production, improve cashew quality and ultimately benefit cashew processors. With an overarching focus on building competitiveness, the recommendations offered in this study are based on a detailed analysis of the global cashew industry, the continental cashew industry in Africa, and the value chain in Mozambique as it has evolved over the last two decades, the period in which the domestic Cashew Law 13/99 has been in force.

Over the last two decades, the cashew market in Mozambique has been characterized by an aging tree stock (average age is 50 years), low RCN quality, and flat to declining RCN production. Law 13/99 went into force around the turn of the new century, with an objective of protecting domestic processors as they gained the technology and know-how needed to compete in the global cashew processing marketplace.

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