Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development (USAID SPEED)

USAID SPEED is helping Mozambique create a better business environment to attract investment, expand markets, and reduce costs for businesses and citizens of Mozambique, thus contributing to broad-based and inclusive economic growth.  USAID SPEED is a follow-on to the SPEED+ project that started work in 2016, and over five years will partner with the Mozambican private sector, civil society organizations (CSO) and government to make it easier to do business in agriculture, trade/business environment, power, biodiversity, health and economic governance.  USAID SPEED is supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


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17 April 2023

A NATUREZA DOS HOMENS E DOS ANIMAIS" film premiered to public

With funding from USAID Mozambique through the SPEED Project, Licínio de Azevedo, Gabriel Mondlane and Jorge Ferrão premiered yesterday (13) a new mini series entitled "A NATUREZA DOS HOMENS E DOS ANIMAIS". The fictional series of six episodes of twenty minutes each, exalts the importance of preserving conservation in Mozambique.

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16 February 2023

Law of laws: a transparent framework to produce laws in Mozambique

To date, Mozambique has not had an established or standardized legal framework for stakeholder consultation while creating laws or regulation. Typically, government ministries draft legislation themselves, asking for inputs from only a few key stakeholders. 

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30 January 2023

Saiba como a USAID ajudou a aliviar as dificuldades financeiras dos Fiscais em tempos

A eclosão da Pandemia da COVID 19 ameaçou a vida humana, teve impacto na economia e colocou em risco o emprego de muitos funcionários, incluindo os fiscais de conservação em Moçambique.

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