Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development


SPEED+ is supporting the Mozambican government's effort to reach 100% of the population with electricity by 2030, in partnership with the US government Power Africa program.  To achieve this goal, Mozambique needs to harness the energy and innovation of entrepreneurs who are eager to develop renewable sources of energy, feeding more power into the national grid or building stand-alone services for remote areas.  Policies need to be crafted to encourage investment, reduce risk, limit transaction costs, and expand markets for these independent power producers.  SPEED+ provides technical expertise to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and to private sector advocates, to develop effective policies and regulations implemented through strong, well governed institutions like the newly established National Independent Power Regulatory Authority. This framework will promote increased generation and distribution, including new connections, of electricity. Ensuring reliable power is vital for broad-based economic growth in Mozambique, as well as for improving quality of life, health and education opportunities for Mozambique's citizens.