Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

On-Grid Support

Generation is widely recognized as a service that can be competitively supplied by Independent Power Producers (PIE). Any strategy to improve the supply capacity and reach of the centrally managed network should include the source of power produced independently for the network. In order for the independent generation connected to the network to attract international capital and flourish, the legal rights of private producers must be clear and consistent with international practices in the energy sector. Procurement should be regulated by law, easy to understand and transparent. However, the legal framework for EIPs is currently fraught with uncertainties. USAID SPEED will work to help improve the legal framework and improve certainty and predictability in the legal framework in order to attract new investments in the energy sector in Mozambique. USAID SPEED, through the consultants David Waltenberg, Taciana Lopes and Gerusa Magalhães, will support this process through the following sub-activities: updating of the Laws of Electricity and PIE; implementation of REFIT; transaction and legal support for pilot PIE; and training for the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME).