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IPEX - Institute for Export Promotion

Institutional Strengthening of the Mozambique Institute for Export Promotion

Mozambique’s Instituto de Promoção de Exportação (IPEX) has been playing the role of a traditional trade promotion organization. The country’s general business environment and the context for imports and exports are far from ideal, with red tape and corruption making it difficult if not impossible for Mozambican companies to compete internationally. Thus, in addition to core trade promotion activities, IPEX also works to be combat red tape and corruption. To be effective at that task and to complement the size and experience of Mozambique’s nascent private sector and ultimately to accelerate growth, IPEX must be guided by abroad, strategic vision of trade development, including the attraction of foreign investors. It should also have the agility of an agency, with strong private sector representation and the political support necessary to recommend changes in policy and to integrate and coordinate the activities of various ministries and entities. IPEX will have to undergo serious changes in vision and structure, and upgrade its staff competencies, if it wants to pursue this mission.

The Mozambique Trade and Investment Project has been working closely with the Mozambique Export Promotion Agency (IPEX) ( to build its capacity to assist with export development. Specifically, the TIP Project has:

  • Sponsored planning and strategy retreat for the Mozambican Institute of Export Promotion (IPEX) - in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Each retreat was attended by approximately 40 people from IPEX, the private sector, donors and other Government Agencies. The purpose of the planning retreats was to prepare a strategic plan for IPEX, review and revise IPEXs Mission and Vision Statements, revise IPEXs organizational structure and to build consensus on how IPEX can facilitate exports from Mozambique.
  • Helped develop IPEXs new website
  • Assisted with a study of border trade in Mozambique
  • Assisted with a study that focused on producing recommendations for strengthening IPEX
  • Assisted with a study tour of Mexico and El Salvador's Export Promotion agencies and programs
  • Assisted with the development of promotional and marketing material for IPEX
  • Assisted with the development of pilot projects for exporting fruit, vegetables, groundnuts and handicrafts jointly with CBI
  • Assisted with presenting at FACIM 2008 an overview of Mexico's export and trade development strategies
  • Assisted IPEX in attending trade and commercial missions to Botswana and the United States.

CBI and TIP Workshop on Export Promotion (October 2008)

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