Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Rapid Water and Sanitation Market Assessment

This rapid assessment for water supply and sanitation was sponsored by the USAID-funded Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development (SPEED+), a four-year project (2016 to 2020) designed to support broad-based inclusive economic growth and the conservation of natural resources in Mozambique. SPEED+ works with both public and private sectors, providing technical assistance and capacitybuilding to improve the business enabling environment, attract investment, and expand markets. SPEED+ supports public-private policy dialogue and the implementation of government policies and regulations in four broad sectoral areas: 1) agriculture, 2) trade and business enabling environment, 3) power and water, and 4) biodiversity conservation. In water and sanitation, the Government of Mozambique (GoM) faces significant challenges meeting its sustainable development goals. The National Directorate for Water and Sanitation (DNAAS) estimates the country needs at least US$ 3.1 billion in new investments in water supply and sanitation infrastructure to achieve universal access by the 2030 target date. Accomplishing this goal will require mobilizing both public and private sector investment and expertise to expand and improve infrastructure and services. Historically, the GoM has relied on its own resources and those of donors for investment in better water and sanitation systems. SPEED+ is working with DNAAS and the Association of Private Water Providers (AFORAMO) to create a more favorable policy and regulatory environment for mobilizing private sector investment to expand private sector involvement in the provision of water and sanitation services. In addition, SPEED+ is assisting DNAAS to strengthen the capacity of public sector entities tasked with overseeing private sector water providers.