Facilitando Ambiente de Políticas para o Desenvolvimento

Quem Somos

SPEED-Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development is a USAID project to improve the business environment through better trade and investment policies. SPEED’s goal is to have more companies doing more business, resulting in increased trade and investment and a stronger competitive position for Mozambican firms, thus creating local opportunities for jobs and income growth.

Through 2014 SPEED’s remit was broad and spanned all sectors of the economy. During 2015, as part of Africa Lead II, SPEED’s principal focus is on agriculture as a catalyst for development. The Program emphasizes both policy reforms and the implementation process, including monitoring implementation of reforms with particular reference to reforms in the New Alliance framework. The SPEED team delivers training and technical assistance that builds the capacity of business associations and corresponding government institutions and catalyzes trade and investment for agriculture in Mozambique.

The SPEED approach is demand-driven and flexible, placing a high premium on the use of Mozambican expertise to achieve sustainable results. DAI and Nathan Associates implement the project with the assistance of local contractor SAL & Caldeira.


Contribute to the improvement of business environment through supporting economic and structural reforms for inclusive, broad-based economic growth accelerated. 


Mozambique’ economy more competitive, that attracts private investment, create jobs and foster social wellbeing.